A. Sociological Theory

Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory
Theories of the State, Democracy and Power
Interpretative Sociology
Phenomenology and Systems Theory
Sociology and History
The Social Theory of Jürgen Habermas
Niklas Luhmann’s “The Society of Society”

Philosophy of Social Sciences
Empirical Research Methods and Data Analysis II/III: Research Seminar and Statistics
Qualitative Methods of Social Research
Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Science

Social Theory and Law
Sociology of Law
Sociology of Normativity
Structural Change of Law and Society

D. Sociology of Culture

Cultural Globalization (series in collaboration with JNU New Delhi)
Social Structure and Cultural Change
Reflexive Modernization
Theory of the Subject in Neoliberal Capitalism

E. Empirical Social Research

Comparative Cultural Sociology of Childhood in France and Germany
Social Structure and Lifestyles
Music and Society

F. Further courses

Master’s Colloquium
Global Studies Forum
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to the techniques of social science research
PhD Seminar

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